Winy Maas, new editor-in-chief of Domus magazine

30 November 2018

The seminal architectural publication Domus presented its new director: Winy Maas. The MVRDV principal and co-founder will head Domus for the upcoming 10 issues as part of the magazine’s new 10x10x10 editorial strategy. Maas is the second Editor-in-Chief selected as part of this 10-year plan, following in the footsteps of Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi.


Book Launch and Lecture by Winy Maas

01 November 2018

PoroCity – Opening up Solidity is a manifesto for the introduction of the public realm into the private sphere of our cities. The book provides the tools to make urban porosity socially, environmentally and economically valuable. The book will officially be launched on 6 November, 17:45 at Delft University of Technology and will be available for sale from nai010 booksellers www.nai010.com.


Planet Maker Studio Final Review

28 June 2018

On July 3, the results of the Planet Maker design studio by The Why Factory in collaboration with RMIT (Melbourne) and UTS (Sidney) will be presented at the orange tribune.


Winy Maas gives a lecture at IAAC

31 May 2018

Winy Maas Prof. Ir. Ing. FRIBA HAIA is one of the co-founding directors of the globally operating architecture and urban planning firm MVRDV, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, known for projects such as the Expo 2000 and the vision for greater Paris, Grand Paris Plus Petit.


Planet Maker Kickoff

25 April 2018

With the Planet Maker symposium we celebrated the MSc2 Kickoff. We are very excited to start with our ambitious Planet Maker studio.


Planet Maker Symposium

20 April 2018

Tuesday 24 April, The Why Factory will host a series of presentations related to the topic of this semester’s design studio: Planet Maker. Instructors, researchers and former students will show their work.


From Wego to Barba

16 February 2018

Next week Wednesday the 21st of February, Adrien Ravon will present the ongoing research undertaken at The Why Factory:
‘From Wego to Barba, building a fully adaptable environment’



28 December 2017

The Exhibition entitled City of Lego opened its doors last week featuring 5 Lego Towers produced by the Why Factory students for the Porous City research.

Final Review IIT

OnTheGo Final Review

30 November 2017

The final review of the OnTheGo Studio took place with Felix Madrazo, Wiel Arets and Winy Maas. “IIT Architecture meets The Why Factory.”

Copy Paste Book Cover


17 October 2017

Copy Paste is the tenth book in the Why Factory’s Future Cities Series.

Copy Paste is an invitation to copy with finesse and skill.

Copy Paste understands the past as a vast archive on which we can and must build.

Copy Paste is a reader in the art of evolution.

Copy Paste is a bad ass copy guide.

Calling All Visionaries

Calling All Visionaries !

12 September 2017

It is time to fill in the gap left vacant by fleeting city thinkers.
It is time to take a position on how we want to live in the future.
It is time for a visionary city.


Winy Maas’ Lecture at Design Indaba Watch it Online

07 July 2017

Watch Winy Maas’ lecture at the Indaba Festival in Cape Town, where he presented some of the research undertaken by The Why Factory.   From Design Indaba Website: If you are reading this while sitting in one of the world’s big cities chances are that you’re in a tall grey-looking building overlooking several more of […]



14 December 2016

The Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) in collaboration with The Why Factory and TU Delft announce the opening of the exhibition “The Why Factory: Research, teaching and public engagement (2006-2016)” reflecting on a decade’s research on the future of cities. The exhibition is organized around nine claims along which the activity of The […]


What if…?

21 September 2016

What if cars disappear? What if the planet enters a new ice age? What if we are forced to live in complete autarchy?… Having understood that there is a multitude of components with an impact in the 11 billion people city footprint, students proposed a list of future scenarios at the scale of (y)our world, […]



21 September 2016

For five days, architecture students from TU Delft, IIT Chicago and Columbia GSAPP developed an (almost) infinite matrix of components in order to measure human settlement at a global scale. Our aim is to develop a quantitative analysis of the global footprint of a 11 billion people city. Can we depict the world in an […]



21 September 2016

What do 11 billion people need? What does one person need? During this workshop, we have analyses typologies, heights, floor area ratios, accessibility, energy, biodiversity, food, automation… We have measured and compared all that can be quantified. But we did not not avoid getting to the bottom of the matter, to the bottom of the […]


Winy Maas joins GSAPP Master in Advanced Architectural Design

07 September 2016

During the Fall semester 2016, The Why factory will host a design studio at Columbia University in the City of New York, taught be Winy Maas, Javier Arpa and Adrien Ravon. The studio “Our World, Our City, Our Block” is being launched simultaneously by The Why Factory in the United States and The Netherlands, and will also be […]

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 19.28.14


22 August 2016

What does it take for a city to become world-class? And who decides? It’s not enough to look at a city’s economic performance. Great cities have always offered a more fundamental, abstract quality – a quality that no single ranking system has yet been able to measure. Hong Kong Fantasies tries to define that quality, […]


T?F supports our Dean’s vision of the future of education at TU Delft: A+A+A

24 May 2016

What will our discipline look like in future? What will be happening in the world and how will this influence us? Our teaching? Our research topics? How are we preparing for this?

Today, our Dean, Peter Russell engaged an open discussion on the future Faculty Architecture & Built Environment, presenting his vision of the future of education at TU Delft: A+A+A (Automation, Africa, Agility)



24 May 2016

Winy Maas is to talk about the future of Rotterdam in an event which marks the opening of the Rotterdam Architecture Month 2016, in the old Kriterion Cinema. The event forms part of a month of events organised with Rotterdam Viert De Stad! at the top of The Stairs which mark 75 years of reconstruction in the city. Registration is necessary.


Winy Maas to give a lecture at IAAC in Barcelona on the 17th of May 2016

12 May 2016

MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas will be giving a lecture at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona. The talk forms part of their spring lecture series 2016 which has also seen presentations from a wide range of local and international architects, artists and technologists. The lecture will cover the works and projects of MVRDV […]


T?F at IAAC – Robotic CIty, the library of speculations

06 May 2016

This semester, T?F’s “Actualities Workshop” brings students from theFaculty of Architecture TU Delft to IAAC in Barcelona. During a five-day workshop, students from Delft and from MaCT have worked on “The Robotic City, the Library of Speculations”. This workshop is part of a longer term seminar that The Why Factory is teaching at IAAC, within the Master in […]

Javier Arpa

Javier Arpa joins The Why Factory

10 March 2016

Effective January 1st, 2016, Javier Arpa is the new Research and Education Coordinator of The Why Factory at TU Delft. Javier Arpa is an architecture and urbanism author, curator, researcher and lecturer. Having completed a Master of Science in Architecture at the Delft University of Technology, Javier specializes in the dissemination of architectural and urban design practice.



02 February 2016

T?F offers several studios per semester. They start with a statement on the future of urban life. Based on this statement future scenarios will be developed leading to visionary, city-related designs. The studios include highly integrated research and design aspects. Long-term projects will be accompanied by shorter studies and workshops. The projects can have various scales. However, they all contribute to observations of the city.


T?F Msc4 Graduation Studio

02 February 2016

Our Msc4 Graduation Studio continues at TU Delft.
The Studio, taught by Prof. Winy Maas and Adrien Ravon is a continuation of the Wegocity project, and explores the potentials of housing and adaptability over time. Final reviews will take place in June 2016.


T?F to teach a Studio at IIT in Chicago

02 February 2016

WegoCity, Tailor Made Housing

The collaboration between T?F and IIT continues; This semester in Chicago. The Cloud studio Wegocity: Tailor Made Housing will be taught by Prof. Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo and John Manaves.


Wegocity graduation studio in Delft

30 April 2015

 TWF will open a graduation studio on the topic (W)egocity. (W)egocity investigates the freedom of designing and making one’s own dream house under dense circumstances. There are so many possible houses, but the current production of towers and slabs reduces the variety into basically extrusions of the same floor plans. How to improve this? What different […]


Egocity: The Exhibition

18 February 2015

You are invited to see and interact with the work of the MSc1 studio “Egocity”. The exhibition is taking place at the Faculty of Architecture at the Delft University of Technology in the Oostserre from Monday the 16th to Friday the 20th.