10 November 2017

Ten years of research, education and public engagement are currently being shown at SpazioFMG in the city of Milan, Italy.

Luca Molinari, scientific curator of the gallery, introduces the exhibition, whose opening  included the participation of Winy Maas, architect and co-founder of the MVRDV studio and head of the t?f research programme:
“SpazioFMG per l’Architettura and The Why Factory were born almost at the same time, in 2007 and 2008. In the last decade, both have promoted a reflection on contemporary architecture that goes way beyond the vision and the story of a single building, of an architectural creation and of a design in the traditional sense.
SpazioFMG and the MVRDV and TU Delft workshop, although with clearly different functions and vocations, have been and continue to be valuable spaces for research and free thought, continually involved in rethinking and broadening the boundaries of a discipline that has to update itself continually, in order to provide an effective response to the challenges of our time”.

The work of The Why Factory is presented at SpazioFMG with the support of digital and analogue materials: the gallery will be dominated by 9 podiums, made of MaxFine Ciytstone Grey slabs by FMG, which will display the 9 books from the Future Cities series; besides them 9 digital frames will show the visitor graphics, designs and images related to the development of the research.

The exhibition also features a large printed map showing how the results obtained by t?f, are shared and communicated to the general public through exhibitions, publications and workshops, in order to stimulate public debate on architecture and urban planning.