BALL FICTION. New MSc2 Design Studio. Spring 2018

14 November 2017

This studio is a collaboration between The Why Factory and RMIT Melbourne. Students from Australia will travel to Delft during the last weeks of the studio and will work collaberately with TUDeft students.

The Why Factory is dedicated to creating future cities; the Ball Fiction Studio will scale up this vision. Starting from a precise “What if…?” question to draw a hypothetical scenario, and continuing with global data projections and research, each student will develop one of those scenarios that will change the world  (dramatically) in the next 100 years. This change will be explored on all scales; from global to territorial, to architectural typology, down to innovation on a building technology scale: what are the details that change the world? This studio will challenge students to interrogate the fundamental shapers of their scenario on a 1:50, 1:20, 1:10, 1:1… scale. Ball Fiction will guide students through this process of formulating and visualizing their future fantasies: learning to dream big, to prepare them with the skills and tools to imagine – then effect – change. How does our life change? How do we commute and how do we consume? What is the urgency and how can we communicate this to global leaders?

At the end of the studio, each student will be asked to produce, among other material, a physical model -their World (i.e. their Ball)- depicting their future fantasies, as well as an animated movie exploring the implementation of their scenarios and their impacts on -literally- the horizon.
The resulting collection of fictional balls will be part of an installation to be setup in Delft and other venues to be announced.

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