Winy Maas, to participate in the Helsinki Design Week

12 July 2017

Next September 14, Winy Maas will participate in the Helsinki Design Week.

Next September 14, Winy Maas will participate in the Helsinki Design Week. Professor Maas will deliver a lecture and participate in an event together with SWINE, Marko Ahtisaari and LOLA.

From the organiser’s website:

A new event puts international design stars at the same tables as the audience. Speakers include Winy Maas, SWINE, Marko Ahtisaari and LOLA. The event is part of the WDW Summit from 14 to 15 September 2017 in Helsinki.

A new design event called Design Commons will be launched in Helsinki. Design Commons is an evening conference and travelling platform where activists, makers and shapers gather to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas.

It is targeted at creative professionals and their stakeholder groups. A relaxed concept will break the traditional conference lecture format that has speakers on stage and the audience silently listening. The international stars will sit with the audience at round tables and take turns to talk about the hottest design topics to the entire room.  Afterwards each table will casually discuss the topics and related solutions while enjoying food and wine.

Experimental and spontaneous, Design Commons is to provide new ideas and connections to opinion leaders and possible future collaboration partners. A round table will create a relaxed, informal atmosphere allowing international ideas and cooperation to flourish.

The concept is created by the largest design festival in the Nordic countries, Helsinki Design Week, and the largest design event in Africa, Design Indaba


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