The Why Factory launches “OnTheGo”. September 8, 2017

31 August 2017

The Why Factory launches the Fall 2017 design studio "OnTheGo" for TUDelft MSc1 and IIT Chicago Students. Friday September 8. Faculty of Architecture, TUDeflt, Room K 10:00.

OnTheGo asks the students to design a housing block capable of accommodating the different needs of each of its temporary residents and maximize the space to arrive at new levels of both compression and expansion. But we want to achieve this without sacrificing the specific requirements of its users, OnTheGo is a tailor made house on the move.

We want to test the capacity of architecture to evolve over time, in real time, as newcomers arrive and old comers depart, as users coincide for a few minutes in rush hours or to explore the potential of time gaps for expansion and compression. The project is interested in finding intelligent and innovative solutions for ever changing environments and maximum customization and adaptation within a highly constrained envelope. The constructive solutions for facilitating real time spatial transformations will be part of the core of the proposal.

OnTheGo will challenge students to reflect on the problematic of maximum desires and pressing needs. What sort of organizing principle is needed to accomplish a 100%adaptability in real time to ever changing demands of temporary users? How can time be taken into account to use the maximum potential of space resources? Can we think of game software that can accommodate different temporary modes of accommodation?

After our projects Egocity and Wegocity, The Why Factory wants to keep investigating the potentials of desire-based design processes, capable of introducing the residents’ wishes in the construction and adaptation of housing and the city. If Egocity and Wegocity focused on the construction of the permanent dwelling that fulfilled one’s ultimate dreams, OnTheGo will explore modes of temporary living capable of adapting–in real time- to a vast array of
comers and goers.
OnTheGo is organized jointly with the Illinois Institute of Technology.
Students from IIT Chicago will spend their Fall semester in Delft.

Image: Niels Baljit, Shared Block