The New Old exhibition at Cable Gallery Shenzhen

20 October 2021

The Why Factory's most recent research, "The New Old", on show at Cable Gallery Shenzhen.

Envisioning the future of our past

The New Old is a research by The Why Factory (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) in collaboration with the Master of City and Technology at IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain).

The research explores what ‘Old’ means, what will become ‘Old’ in the future and how to manage everything that due to technological, social or cultural changes will soon become obsolete. By understanding the location, size and timeline of the soon-to-become-obsolete, we envisioned its future. ‘Re’ actions on the ‘Old’, such as ‘Re-moving’, ‘Re-using’, ‘Re-locating’ or ‘Re-membering’, to name just a few, let us understand what the New Old will be and how it will look like.

The Why Factory
Winy Maas, Javier Arpa Fernández, Adrien Ravon, Lex te Loo

Ifrah Ariff: Exhibition Layout

Students (The Why Factory): Yousra Ahllache, Jorn Beltman, Juliette Brouwer, Olivia Dolan, Dorsa Ghaemi, Mieneke Jongert, Reinier Kok, Sophie Koopman, Eva Maarleveld, Aga Omastka, Ivan Pashov, Marnix Prins, Matteo Tiraboschi, Rik van de Wijgert, Zwaan van der Scheer, Dino Vojvodić, Lucas Zarzoso Hueck

Students (IAAC): Adriana Aguirre Such, Arina Novikova, Alvaro Cerezo Carrizo, Dongxuan Zhu, Hebah Qatanany, Iñigo Esteban Marina, Juan Pablo Pintado Miranda, Kevin Aragón, Diana Roussi, Kshama Patil, Laura Guimarães, Leyla Saadi, Mario González, Marta Maria Galdys, Matteo Murat, Aishath Nadh Ha Naseer, Riccardo Palazzolo Henkes, Sasan Bahrami, Simone Grasso, Sinay Coskun, Sridhar Subramani, Stefania-Maria Kousoula, Tugdual Sarazin, Miguel Tinoco Hdz, Iván Reyes Cano