Contact T?F

The Why Factory is located at the Delft University of Technology,
Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Julianalaan 132-134
2628 BL Delft

Study at T?F abroad

The Why Factory regularly teaches studios and workshops at other universities. Please check the news section of our website regularly on more information.

internship at T?F

The Why Factory is looking for talented people who would like to join T?F for an internship. We offer positions to architecture students within the European Union for the period of 6 months (starting at the beginning of 2012 or in the summer). We appreciate dynamic individuals with software skills such as modeling, visualization, scripting and a high level of English proficiency. If you would like to join us at T?F please send your portfolio and CV in PDF format (5MB max) to

Collaborate with T?F

We would like to invite all international institutions and thinkers, which share the Why Factory’s craving for bringing architecture and urbanism further, to engage the practice of scenario making and visionary imaginations to change the course of history on the city of the future. In the coming year, the Why Factory wants to connect to other schools and individuals to create a network on visionary cities and urban futures: The Why Club.