Wego Exhibition at the TU Delft

07 October 2021

The Wego research as part of the Together! Exposition at the TUDelft. Based on the hypothesis of maximum density achievement and maximum desire fulfillment, the subsequent research and book of The Why Factory's "Future Cities" series -to be published in association with NAi010 Publishers in Rotterdam- explores the potentials of desire-based design processes, capable of introducing the residents' wishes in the construction and adaptation of housing and the city.

“Wegocity: Tailor-Made Housing” investigates participatory processes applied to housing design. These processes establish a negotiation between the desires of each of the residents of a housing slab and help determine the design of their apartments. To achieve this, “Wegocity” manifests a particular interest in the development of a gaming process. This game leverages the specificities of each resident and transforms them into spatial needs. This way, unexpected housing typologies emerge within a truly human-driven housing architecture.

“Wegocity” will compile the research undertaken by The Why Factory together with students from TU Delft and IIT Chicago, RMIT Melbourne and Bezalel Academy Jerusalem. The research begins with the acknowledgment that even though we have measured and compared almost all that can be quantified (areas, densities, uses, users…), we had avoided getting to the bottom of the matter, to the bottom of the wishing well that housing represents to its residents. We know that the dense city must be built, but while building the city, we cannot forget the desires of every individual and their dream home: the home of the user who will put their name on their letterbox.

By: Winy Maas, Adrien Ravon, Arend van Waart, Felix Madrazo Charles Ducerisier, Chun Hoi Hui, Francesco Barone, Félix Borel, Iason Stathatos, Javier López-Menchero Ortiz de Salazar, Lucile Dugal, Marek Nosek, Matteo Pavanello, Niels Baljet, Olga Terzi, Prokop Matej, Tarryn Leeferink, Wen Jun Tan, Woo Soojung, Zichen Liu, Loes thijssen