The Green Dip Movie

12 December 2019

Why green? What are its capacities? How does green perform? How can green be implemented to our cities? Can we create a database of plant species? Can we create a software to help us do it? Can we invent a series of green elements to be implemented?

If we want to face the climate crisis, let’s start by finding answers to some what’s, why’s and how’s.

Why Green?
The Why Green chapter discusses six urban urgencies which greening cities can address: The urban heatisland effect, air pollution, sinking cities, noise pollution, more frequent extreme weather, decrease in biodiversity.

The Green Maker
The Green Maker combines the knowledge of buildings with the knowledge of plants. A set of 9 strategies can be chosen to dip any base typology in green. A catalog of parametric elements allows for grasses, shrubs, and trees to be placed on any surface in on and around buildings. Knowledge of biomes ensures that only native plants can be used per site. And finally a database of 4500 plants including their water needs, total weight, maximum height, oxygen production and co2 absorption are included.

Green Cities
Watch the green maker dip a 1000m x 1000m section of Dubai, New York, Moscow and Mumbai into a thick layer of plants.