Ici Eindhoven masterclass at Dutch Design Week is open

16 October 2017

How do you imagine the future of city centre of Eindhoven? ICI Eindhoven Masterclass with Winy Maas is up and running! The Why Factory + MVRDV + TU/e

The first weekend of the Ici Eindhoven masterclass, an event/exhibition set up in conjunction with Dutch Design Week, opened on Friday October, 13th.

In the first masterclass (13-15 October), attendees will build a foam model of central Eindhoven that will serve as the base for further studies on the city’s future urban form. On 21-22 October, coinciding with the opening Dutch Design Week, attendees will model future visions for the city that can be inserted into the larger urban model. The resulting pieces will be on display at the exhibition space, showcasing the diversity of typologies for future life – visions made by and for the city. The visions produced at Ici Eindhoven will stimulate debates on the possibilities and opportunities for urban densification in the city. What is the future of Eindhoven? How do we want to live in it?

Ici Eindhoven is a platform open to and made for the public to contribute to future visions for the city of Eindhoven.  Visitors to Dutch Design Week are invited to join in with students during this masterclass and are welcome to produce models and participate in conversations.

Dutch Design Week runs from 21-29 October in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Tickets for the event are available on their website here.

Ici Eindhoven

Dates:13-15 October and 21-22 October

Location: Stadhuisplein, Stadhuisplein, 5611EM Eindhoven

image credit: Paris Habitat exhibition at the Pavillon de l´Arsenal, curated by Javier Arpa