The Why Factory at TU Delft Dares to Ask, Why Not? by Maria Elena Oberti

21 January 2019

"Outrageous architectural premises. An approach that looks 100 years into the future. Why the Why Factory at TU Delft in the Netherlands may just be the most radical design program in the world."

“We invent the future,” Javier Arpa of the Why Factory, the architectural think tank and research centre at TU Delft in the Netherlands, is telling me without irony. We are standing at the top of a towering set of tangerine-hued steps that essentially lead nowhere. The stairs, which double as student seating, ascend to the top of what’s known as the Tribune, a three-storey structure housing the Why Factory’s main offices as well as rooms for meetings and lectures. It is the first week of September and there’s a familiar tension in the air: that unmistakable mix of anxiety and anticipation that marks the beginning of a new school year.

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