A Zero Star Hotel

06 September 2017

A fully adaptable hotel! Meeting the demands of populations on the move.

TU Delft, RMIT & Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
Delft, 8-31 May, 2017

Professor: Winy Maas
Coordinator: Javier Arpa
Instructors The Why Factory: Felix Madrazo, Adrien Ravon
Instructors RMIT: Vivian Mitsogianni, Ben Milbourne
Instructors Bezalel Academy: Ifat Finkelman, Deborah Pinto Fdeda

The Wego Workshop is a follow-up of on the Wegocity project. If until now we had explored the construction of the permanent dwelling that fulfilled one’s ultimate dreams, at The Why Factory we want to start exploring modes of temporary living for populations on the move. As humans leave their homes in search of work, land, education, safety, opportunity or leisure the design of our cities needs to facilitate this movement.