Wegocity: Tailor made housing

17 January 2017

Spring 2015/2016 @ IIT, Cloud Studio

(w)egocity aims to tackle frontally the dilemma of maximum desires / maximum density by accommodating truly the needs of users for a differentiated lifestyle, yet it does so following a restricted urban envelope that keeps energy consumption and footprint under control. The challenge of the studio is to come up with solutions that give priority to process, negotiation and self-assurance that the result of each house will not aim to arrive at mediocre results but at highly individualized designs. The aim is to devise methods that avoid compromise at all costs. Architecture therefore is considered in this studio as the design of an ideal software that solves conflicts between neighbors fight for space.We ask the students to reflect on each game theory and application results and also to think on the idea of what means spatial conflict, what means to privacy conflict, what is the difference between the polder model of middle ground and the (w) egocity? What is the future of process design protocols?





Prof. Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo, John Manaves


Drew Gingrich, Antonia Ramoz Muniz, Agnieszka Rutkowski, Ilyssa Kaserman, Kiara Soto, Marsha Agard, Michelle Boscamp, Nicole Santos, Parnell Tesoro, Patrick Szczecinski, Yilin Guo, Istvan van Vianen

Guest Critics

Javier Arpa, Vedran Mimica