4 min City

Under construction - more information coming soon

The 4 Minutes City project explores different modes of traveling by which people and goods achieve mobility.
Can we develop a city that is entirely devoted to fast transit of people and goods?
What systems and what architecture allow for high-speed traveling and a smart circulation of goods? How can the positioning of program and its architecture contribute to a door-to-door accessibility and the desire for a minimum travel time?
What would a neighborhood look like if the only means of transport would be a vehicle reaching 500 kmh/h? Is traveling in a neighborhood with such a high-speed safe? Can we make it safe and how can architecture anticipate in this?
How do we enter our buildings when following the concept of door-to-door accessibility and direct connection? Will we still need doors?
If so, how will they then look like? How does the apartment lay outing change according to speed and the transportation vehicles used?