Traffic Accelerator

'Urgencies Platform' Graduation Project by Chris Cornelissen

Fall 2009/2010 @ TU Delft
MSc 3/4
01 October 2009 / 05 November 2010

The project ‘The Accelerated City’ by Chris Cornelissen brings together different scales and argumentations of both urbanism and architecture.

With ‘The Accelerated City’ Chris managed to compass and design a model about an individualized car-based high speed transportation system by taking clear and simple parameters as speed and density as a starting point for his investigation on road configurations, capacities, proximity and accessibility. Chris managed to unfold these simple parameters to a complex system in a sharp and logic manner. By employing parametric software to control data sets and generate a variety of models Chris explored the key components needed to do both:

–  meet the target of high speed flow anywhere in the city

– and apply them to an existing situation (eg. Manhattan/ Randstad)


Chris Cornelissen