Automotive Design

Designing for door-to-door accessibility

Fall 2012/2013 @ TU Delft (Industrial Design)
BSc / IO-Mi-165-12/ 30
28 November 2012 / 23 January 2013

The minor Automotive Design is autonomous and provides a broad insight in Automotive Design and mobility. The minor is a valuable contribution to bachelor programs, and preparation for master programs, in mobility, Automotive Design and automotive engineering.

The final project of the minor was a collaboration with the 4 min City Details 2.0 studio of the Why Factory. The students of the Minor were assigned one of the city concepts developped by the Why Factory students and the goal was to develop a series of vehicles that would serve the city vision chosen.


E.D. van Grondelle, TH Salij, R.P. de Vos


Z.Semlali, K.Amrani, P.C.Schoenmakers, Y.Knopper, T.J.Enzing, P.R.Kiela, Victor Andrejew, T.K.Carter, K.D.Kraak, Joost Bianchi, D.Stokhuijzen, T.J.vanderHeiden, D.V.Birdja, A.C.C.Mohlmann, S.C.Breedveld, R.Toet, M.C.Rovroy, W.D.K.Cavens, V.deBoeck, R.J.M.Nous, P.vanSommeren, J.P.Reitsma, B.C. Gabrielse, Q.Legasse, A.Dedeic, M.A.Meijburg, D.N.Roethof, N.P.Schoorl, A.Ruitenberg


Automotive Design, Faculty of Industrial Design TU Delft