Enrolment for fall semester 2012

14 May 2012 / 25 May 2012

The enrollment period for fall semester 2012 starts already next week. It will take place from the14th until the 25th of May.

In the coming fall, The Why Factory will run a number of studios based on ongoing as well as new topics. For the MSc1 and MSc2, this will be:

4 min City detail
Buildings and details for the city of speed

Porous City
Explorations on porosity with LEGO as a modelling tool

BiodiverCity House
Designing biodiverse individual living environments

Food City
Strategy and Typologies for a closed-cycle Food Metropolis

We will also offer two topics for the Actualities workshop:
‘1 Million Balconies’ will be an excursion workshop, which will take place at the Helsinki Design Week. The second workshop will be organised at TU Delft and its theme will be announced shortly.

Based on these topics, we are currently developing the precise studio briefs. We will present these at the beginning of the fall semester to all students enrolled at the Why Factory. You can then give your first and second preference for the studio topic and we will form the studio groups accordingly.

For the MSc3/4 graduation lab, we invite you to come up with your own proposal. All course codes can be find in the participation section of this website.