Green City Calculator

How to Measure How 'Green' Are Our Cities?

Research project in collaboration with VROM

The Green City Calculator measures the ‘greeness’ of the city and makes it comparable. We need to measure the greenness of our cities. We have a lot of labels for buildings. Two for neighbourhoods are in development. But so far, there is no tool to measure and compare cities. We need the Green City Calculator, because cities are crucial in the fight against climate change. We need to measure our efforts to know if they have an effect. And to know where we are and how far we need to get.

The Green City Calculator© quantifies the “greeness” of the city and makes it comparable. It is a program that computes data from the city and turns it into an accessible, comparable and measurable statement on its sustainability. It can be used as a planning tool to support sustainable planning. It is transparent to the planners and to the inhabitants of the city.

We work together with experts: Prof. Winy Maas took the initiative for the project. Prof. Andy van den Dobbelsteen works with us from the department of Sustainability and Climate design. Jaap Wiedenhoff is Director of Arup engineers Amsterdam, global expert in sustainable design. Paul van Bergen is Director of DGMR engineers and developed Green Calc+ Nico Tille is working at the City of Rotterdam and researches at the TU on sustainable city planning.