T?F students design European skyscrapers with LEGO

20 September 2011

Last week T?F together with KRADS Architecture officially started the Eurohigh design studio with an intensive week-long workshop. All studio participants who for the next six months will be designing the ultimate European skyscraper were introduced to the quick and creative ways of using Lego as a modeling material. Many intriguing ideas were generated and build up a good start for further visions and research on translating the horizontal dimension of the European city into a vertical one.

We are looking forward to see how in the course of six months two million of Lego bricks will transform into new and fascinating designs. The studio workshop will be visible at T?F turbine until February 2012 in various forms. During the semester students will present their work as two exhibitions: 625 tower grid in scale 1:1000 (starting with the midterm presentation on November 1) and the final 8 European skyscrapers in scale 1:100 (together with the final presentation around the end of January). Please follow our news and updates on the exact dates and time of those events.

This studio is organised as a collaboration between The Why Factory, Arup, KRADS and LEGO Group.