‘Opening the Tower!’ exhibition will be displayed until November 18, 2011

28 October 2011 / 18 November 2011

The results of Eurohigh design studio's midterm review will be shown in the Oostserre (TU Delft Faculty of Architecture) for the next three weeks.

During the first two months studio participants searched for aspects and potentials of the ultimate European skyscraper. This research phase resulted in a form-exhausting collection of 676 models in scale 1:1000, which are presented as a grid of 26 linear iterations. This extensive catalogue of possibilities will serve as the first step to a more precise parametrization and a deepened design process of modeling 8 European skyscrapers in scale 1:100.

This second stage will be continued until January 20th, 2012 and later remain at the Oostserre as a second part of the exhibition until mid February.

The Eurohigh studio is led by Winy Maas, Alexander Sverdlov and Ania Molenda from The Why Factory in collaboration with KRADS (www.krads.info) and support from Lego and Arup.