What if?: Scenarios that change (y)our city

17 January 2017

Fall 2016 / 2017 @ IIT, Cloud Studio

Can we imagine a city were Intensity, Biodiversity, Utility, Agility are so intertwined that the resulting organization is suggesting the idea of a cloud. A city were different pockets, densities, neighbourhoods, flows and climates can coexist in one homogenous experience? Can we imagine a tool able to generate such a composition? Can this tool help us to evaluate and compare a catalog of interventions? During the fall semester at The Why Factory, we want to develop a model regrouping all the aspects of contemporary urbanization. The ‘Cloud’ acts as a conceptual framework regrouping a series of parameters and topics involved in the future development of our cities. As a follow up of our research at the why factory, and in order to face the future challenges of our cities, we think that we need to go beyond a classical approach of analysis and design. The Cloud act thus simultaneously as a vision and as an evolving, open conceptual framework, composed of a network of interrelations between a collection of topics. It regroups aspects related to Intensity, Biodiversity, Utility, Agility, and Productivity.





Prof. Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo, John Manaves, Arend van Waart


Oscar Hernandez, Tyler Hillert, Andres Infante, Zi Yao Li, Yu Lin, Yueheng Lu, Bishrelt Solongo, Renyi Zhang, Qiao Xu, Britney Evans, Pablo Zuluaga