Automated City

Do You Dare to Design a Fully Automated City?

Fall 2009/2010 @ TU Delft
MSc 2
01 September 2009 / 12 January 2010

This studio will explore the practices and technologies of the city from the perspective of the machine, bringing together designers, computer programmers and engineers to deeply address the roles for automatic technologies in the city space. The city will be seen as the ultimate machine. Robots and other smart machines have the potential to dramatically change the human environment and world economy, especially when they are arriving in the job market in significant numbers. We are facing the robotic revolution.

We need to get prepared for this roboticized world we are facing, since unemployment rates all over the world will be utterly devastating to the world economy. Without a doubt, in the very near future robots will perform every task essential to human survival. Robots will grow, package, transport and sell all of the food we eat. Robots will design and construct all of the housing we live in. Robots will make, transport and deliver all of the clothes we wear. Robots will manufacture all consumer products, store them, present them to customers and take their money. Robots will transport anything from anywhere and move us to any place in time. In short: robots tend to become an irreplaceable factor taking over the entire dynamics of the city.

All activities and necessary processes of the city are being mechanized and automated, directed and controlled by intelligent machinery. Robots and machines will do every construction, manufacturing, transportation and selling job. Any production or service will be executed by machines. Altogether, this accumulation of smart machines and dynamic processes will determine and shape the city. T?F is seeking thinkers and designers that want to research and facilitate the fully automated city.


Prof. Winy Maas, Pirjo Haikola, Tihamer Salij


Klaas Boersma, Purcy Marte, Robert Pluijmers, Huiyi Lin, Yu Yu, CP Lu, Pedro Fulgencio Molina