'Robotic City' Graduation Project by Khalid Ghobashi

Fall 2008/2009 @ TU Delft
MSc 3/4
01 September 2008 / 16 April 2010

Traditional apartments are often not used efficiently: Bedrooms are empty through daytime, living rooms are not used at night and bathrooms are mostly used for less than an hour per day.

If we could create flexible apartments where spaces adapt to our needs in real time, we could do more with less. Research in nanotechnology suggests that adaptable building materials will be available in the not so far future. In this project, the concept of the fully adaptable housing tower is explored, from the requirements of the smallest cell to the consequences for the urban block.



Ulf Hackauf, Pirjo Haikola, Huib Plomp, Winy Maas


Khalid Ghobashi