Automated Transport City

'Robotic City' Graduation Project by Edoardo Felici

Fall 2008/2009 @ TU Delft
Msc 3/4
01 September 2008 / 04 February 2010

The project departs on a technological hypothesis: in the future, we will still drive in individual units, but we will not steer them anymore.

All transportation will be automated and driverless. Cars will be replaced by pods, which are not individually owned but are available like today’s taxi. Based on this concept, the city will change. Parking spaces will be redundant, relieving large areas of space in the city. Safety distances will decrease, reducing street profiles and increasing high way capacities. The abundance of transportation can result in two scenarios: densification of cities or a completely dispersed suburbia.



Ulf Hackauf, Pirjo Haikola, Luisa Calabrese, Gerhard Bruyns, Winy Maas


Edoardo Felici