When Do We Need Our Neighbours?

Spring 2010/2011 @ TU Delft
MSc 1/2 / AR1TWF010, AR2TWF010
31 January 2011 / 07 June 2011

Anarchist leaders are an extinct species nowadays; their followers a minority regarded an obscure sect. After the Bolsheviques defeated the Russian Anarchists the anarchist wave returned with the Spanish Anarchist of the 30’s to be also defeated by Franco’s forces. The Americans resuscitated the movement in the 60’s founding alternative anarchist communities in the desert, but also that was short-lived. Recently only few attempts have been tried that are worth entering the history of anarchism.

Anarchy is only recognized if it is based on the ideas set by a leader, a group or a political movement, anarchy -paradoxically it seems- needs a leader or an ideologue to flourish. But is that the entire story? As much as it seems dead as a movement, anarchy is not dead perhaps after all. From a recent -rather pessimistic- point of view anarchy is what will plague the future of our cities as a reaction to scarcity, crime, overpopulation, tribalism, and disease* according to the influential Pentagon adviser Robert Kaplan. Kaplan argues that anarchy is the hangover left after the colonial powers have departed leaving a void to be filled by brutal native inhabitants in the periphery of the world. But while the rich countries consider anarchy a matter of peripheral and dangerous countries, they forget that anarchy’s main goal is freedom of the individuals from the abusing powers of the state, and that is what rich countries should look after also, at least in theory.

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Prof. Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo, Ania Molenda


Paula Garcia Monteiro, Anna Llonch Sentis, Ellemieke van Vliet, Ilkka Ala-Fossi, Athina Alexandropoulou, Ignacio Basterrechea Nunez, Sarah Chebaro, Y.W. Chung, Belen Gomez Llobell, Kate Griffin, Egle Kalonaityte, Stavros Kousoulas, Davy Ching To Ku , Christopher Loch, Alejandra Martinez Micolta, Miguel Nicque, Vladimir Ondejcik, Garyfalia Pitsaki, Daniel Pulitin, María José Ramos Mira, Virginia Siapera, Igor de Vetyemy, Saba Zahedi Asl, Dalia Zakaite, Kimiya Zolijalali

Guest Critics

Michelle Provoost, Alexander Sverdlov