Porous City

How Porous Could the City Become?

Fall 2012/2013 @ TU Delft
MSc 1/2 / AR1TWF010/12
04 September 2012 / 18 January 2013

Our current cities consist of towers and blocks that are somehow enclosed, distant, introvert and not mixed with urban life, social possibilities and ecological potentials. They are not open. How to open them?

How can we thus enlarge pockets for encounters, for streams of access and communication, for enlarging zones for greenery and animals, for tunnels of cooling and refreshment, for channels and pockets of water and sanitation? The studio aimed at developing scripts for porosity and testing them on various urban typologies.


Prof. Winy Maas, Alexander Sverdlov


Marie-Lahya Simon


Reiner Beelitz, Miguel Van Den Berge, Trine Bølviken, Jia Chen, Marie d’Oncieu, Martijn Van Gameren, Tan Ruey Guang, Guillaume Guerrier, Xi Guo, Enes Ismailati, Chung Heng Kwong, Afke Laarakker, Matteo Schiavone, Tatiana Starchenko, Maciek Wieczorkowski, Sannie Yip


Lego Group