T?F joins a Parametric Urbanism Design Competition in Nicosia, Cyprus

01 April 2010

What if we had the chance to re-invent Cyprus? What dreams and what opportunities appear for this island? What will future development of Cyprus be about?

Do we keep or eliminate the border? Will the future be about equality, thus unification? What will happen when finally the last divisive fence on European ground disappear? Will Greek Cypriot development take over the Island and destroy the smallness and simplicity, thus beauty of the North? What futures can we imagine when keeping the border? How to support and design inequality, thus separation and difference? Can we create an island with three different but strong faces?

The Tri-Colore… The North, the South and the UN Buffer Zone. Three different spatial models, three different typologies, three different life styles. The aim is to discover and envision as many plausible but striking futures for Cyprus to come.

T?F will present a selection of these visions on the 12th of April at the University of Cyprus, Nicosia.

more information can be found here.