Foodprint in collaboration with Stroom

25 March 2009

On 25 of March the artists, architects, designers and researchers involved in the 'Foodprint' project met in the Hague for a kick-off and to get inspired by a lecture by Carolyn Steel about her recent book 'Hungry City'.

Foodprint is a two year project investigating possibilities of food production in urban context. The project includes exhibitions, art projects, symposia and lectures. T?F participates in an exhibition which opens at Stroom in the Hague on 25 June 2009. Together with a group of students from TU Delft faculty of Architecture, T?F is researching and visualising pig farming in the city. Can we include the whole cycle of the pig in the city? What industries could support it? What programs could it be combined with? Could this kind of agropark provide a new identity for the city and the area?