Biodegradable City

17 January 2017

Spring 2015/2016 @ TU Delft, MSc1

How can we make a city that is completely biodegradable? Where all materials, food, and energy resources reinforce each other? How can we fully integrate plant and animal life cycles into our living and building requirements? How can we imagine a city that is endlessly expiring, transforming, adapting?





Prof. Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo


Alessandro Arcangeli, Andrea Gentilini, Clare Jemima EasterbrookLamb, Daniele Tanzi, Elif Gozde Oztoprak, Isabella Del Grandi, Josef Odvárka, David Poloch, Magda Nalepa, Riccardo De Vecchi, Shiyu Zhang, Signe Perkone

Guest Critics

Javier Arpa, Christopher Marcinkoski