The VillageMaker Workshop

Testing the software

Spring 2011/2012 @ Yonsei University Seoul
30 April 2013 / 05 May 2012

The Total Museum of Contemporary Art invited the Why Factory and MVRDV to exhibit the Vertical Village project in their premises in Seoul, Korea. We took this opportunity to extend the research. During a one-week workshop with the Yonsei University in Seoul, we tested the Village Maker, which was developed and presented in the first version of the Vertical Village book.

The students worked simultaneously in the Village Maker software and in physical foam models. Houses with different shapes and volumes were assembled on six different plots. In the Village Maker, different parameters were set to guarantee access, light and stability. The physical models proved how the virtual model works in ‘real life’. The structure played an important part in this. Different strategies were used to support the stacked housing units.

The strategies informed additional research on the Village Maker Software. In the end, this led to a new chapter in the Vertical Village book and to an update of the software: Village Maker 2.0


Ulf Hackauf, Kyosuk Kee, Hui Hsin Liao, Sander Mulders


Total Museum of Contemporary Art