Hong Kong Fantasies Masterclass

Fall 2008/2009 @ Berlage Institute Rotterdam
19 October 2008 / 31 October 2008

Hong Kong PermaCity – Hong Kong Fantasies was a masterclass, organised as a joint studio in the framework of the International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU) by the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, and the Berlage Institute Rotterdam in collaboration with the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University. The masterclass was carried out under the direction of prof. Winy Maas and coordinated by Tihamér Salij, Ulf Hackauf, Hendrik Tieben and Maurice Harteveld, in the period October 20 – 31, 2008 in Hong Kong.

The issue of the master class was the sustainability of cities. Focusing on the city of Hong Kong and the region of the Pearl River Delta, research and design interventions were elaborated to improve the sustainability from different points of view:

Which spatial interventions could contribute to a sustainable environment under the conditions of an explosive growth of the region and in view of worldwide ecological threats?
Which spatial interventions could strengthen the economical position of Hong Kong and support the competitiveness of the region?
Which spatial interventions could combat segregation and deterioration and contribute to a more integrated urban society?
Which spatial interventions could support the identity of city and region?

Of course, these fundamental questions could not be answered within a short workshop of less than two weeks. The aim of the masterclass was to evoke creativity and to stimulate ideas – fantasies – that are able to contribute to the debate about the future of city and region. The results of the masterclass, financially supported in the framework of the ‘Open Minds’ program by the Dutch Ministry of Economy, was be presented at the Business of Design Week (BoDW) 2008 in Hong Kong.


Winy Maas, Tihamér Salij, Ulf Hackauf, Hendrik Tieben, Alexander Vollebregt (Urban Body, TU Delft), He Jie (Center for Housing Innovations, CUHK), Yu Han (Center for Housing Innovations, CUHK), Wong Andy (Community Participation Unit CUHK), Hui Xiaoxi (School of Architecture, TU Beijing), Salie Wang (Architecture and Urban Design Studio on Sustainability, HKU), Hoyin Lee (Architecture and Urban Design Studio on Sustainability, HKU), Maurice Harteveld


Mick van Gemert, Tanya Martinez Gonzales, Alessandro Bua, Angelle Elshot, Anthony Fuchs, Jasper Moelker, Nicola Knop, Friso Gouwetor, Charlotte Heesbeen, Chunyan Song, Maarten den Teuling, Alejandro Elias, Garcia Marta (TU Delft), Zetao Chen, Pedram Dibazar, Marco Galasso, Dong Woo Kang, Eunjin Kang, Andreas Karavanas, Young Il Kim, Na ra Lee Chen, Jung Liu, Luca Picardi, Nuria Pujol Caire, Jad Semaan, Timur Shabaev, Janki Shah, Xiaodi Yang (Berlage Institute Rotterdam), LAM Kwai Pui Patrick, LU Kam Wing Jim, NGAN Yuk Kei Penny, POON Ching Pong Adrian, YIU Kam Po Vince, ZHAN Xu Zhen Jasmine, IEM Stephanie (Chinese University of Hong Kong), CHAN Hon Lam, CHIU Wai Kwan, FUNG Yuen Man Azalea, HO Eunice Hoi Ling, IP Kenneth Tze Chung, MA Yao, NG Pui Yee, POON Chi Chung, TSANG Germain Ming Cheung, TSANG Pui Ki, WAN Kam Ping, YAN Shing Fung (Hong Kong University), LV Chao, SONG Xiaoyu, HUANG Jing, CHEN Lili, LIU Huajing (Beijing University of Technology)


TU Delft, Berlage Institute Rotterdam, Chinese University Hong Kong, Hong Kong University, Beijing University of Technology, Weiland & Gouwens