Death of Leisure City

Towards the Next Resort

Fall 2008/2009 @ TU Delft
MSc 3/4
01 October 2008 / 24 July 2009

If in the past holidays to far destinations were about ‘exoticness’, now this word has lost its meaning due to globalization, mass traveling and mass tourism. Maybe we are spoiled… Sameness of leisure patterns all over the world turn leisure into a global routine; there is no more ‘the other’ to escape from our daily life. That is the danger of getting claustrophobic at the scale of the globe. Leisure might kill us. As much as we need to re-invent ‘exoticness’ and ‘authenticity’, we have to speculate on new forms of leisure itself. After all, how leisure today could be meaningful and exciting at the same time? T?F invites you to research, theorize and design new leisure.

Studio format
The studio will consist of three parts: research, design and publication. Each student will participate in all parts, but according to the personal choice, focus on one part is encouraged. Individual interest from the student part will be given special attention in or- der to guarantee high quality graduation project.

Together with our collaborators we will look into leisure from political, economic, social and cultural perspective. We will process various data and information in order to embrace the whole world of leisure and pinpoint it’s urban implications. Furthermore, we will make hypothesis on how leisure should become a creative force for our cities.
Design assignments will be derived from the research conducted during the first mid-term. That should allow us to formulate several design themes, actual and sharp. Whether we will design the ‘next holiday house’, ‘next exotic resort’ or ‘next leisure city’, all projects should aim at being both pragmatic and visionary.


Prof. Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo, Alexander Sverdlov


Ariadni Alexopoulou, Alessandro Bua, Mick van Gemert, David Koezen, Tanya Martinez Gonzalez


Lieven de Cauter (philosopher), John Jerde (architect), TUI (touroperator)