Dancing Towers Workshop

Farmax Boogie

Spring 2011/2012 @ TU Delft
MSc 1/2
19 March 2012 / 23 March 2012

Can we envision an environment, where urbanism becomes a collaborative platform?

One where we can have a dialogue on the different FAR’s and relation between buildings? One where the towers are reactionary towards each other, perform a dance, so to say? In this workshop a Rhino-Grasshopper environment was created in which the students explored this incentive. It resulted in a proof of concept, where a grid of 3×3 towers was controlled by I-pads, thus performing the Farmax Boogie. The result of the workshop can be seen in a short video the participants prepared to demonstrate the possible use of the sorfware.


Sander Mulders, Bas Kalmeyer, Adrien Ravon


Xue Fang (Snow Flake), Melissa Wong, Ying Meng (Mandy), Leo Stuckardt, Kelwin Palmer, Ben Phua, Nate Weems, Iraklis Romanopoulos