17 October 2017

Copy Paste is the tenth book in the Why Factory’s Future Cities Series. Copy Paste is an invitation to copy with finesse and skill. Copy Paste understands the past as a vast archive on which we can and must build. Copy Paste is a reader in the art of evolution. Copy Paste is a bad ass copy guide.

Instead of mocking the culture of copycats, design could learn better how to make good fakes: fakes good enough to beat their references.

Copy Paste explores the tactical evolution of architecture. It brings together discussions on ethical and legal constraints, genealogy, reference, geometry and psychology with art historical evidence that copying might be older –more original even- than originality.


The Badass Architectural Copy Guide

Authors: Winy Maas and Felix Madrazo with Adrien Ravon and Diana Ibáñez López

Guest contributions from:

Aaron Betsky, Petra Brouwer, Filip Dujardin, Bernard Hulsman, Matteo Kuijpers and Jeroen Zuidgeest

ISBN 978-94-6208-164-2

1st edition: October 2017

Design: Beng!

English, Paperback, 15 x 21 cm, 424 pages, illustrated (350 full color)