Copy Paste

How to Cope with the Speed of Design?

Spring 2011/2012 @ TU Delft
MSc 1/2 / AR1TWF010/12
06 February 2012 / 26 June 2012

We are encountering with increased frequency that architectural designs are being copied all over the world. Internet is partly responsible to the speed of ideas dissemination, but also it seems conceptual design lacks the specificity of a handcraft, copying is easy and cheap and fast. The context for many offices in crisis requires taking risks to survive. Yet competitions are investments with very low probabilities of success. So who can invest in originality anymore? Innovation requires patience, especially if you want to be original as well! Meanwhile clients demand faster and faster designs. Plans are seldom required; while a selling render is sufficient as long as it is exciting and provided in short notice. Cad becomes distant, photoshop reins.

We propose a method of to cope with the new demands, copying from the existing, systematically, openly and without guilt. In order to be able to move faster sources of design should be acknowledged as in most other human enterprises, yet the original must be improved or challenged. The result is shown in a video tutorial of how to do architecture in 3 minutes using photoshop and a selective library. This architectural tutorial for photoshop will give you a bonus to your design by indicating the steps followed from the original to the new copy.


Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo, Bas Kalmeyer


Charlotte Churchill, Robin Gringhuis, Jurre Haan, Ignas Kalinauskas, Thomas Keeley-Reid, Rodelle Lee, Andrea Lusquinos Mansilla, Hiu Ning Tai, Mark van den Ouden, Peter Smisek, Simon Tiemersma, Jonathan de Veen

Guest Critics

Olly Wainwright