Building Barbapappa

Building Barbapapa is part of the Transformer project by The Why Factory. It is the second part of the exploration of the potentials of a future transformable environment. The movie is the result of a collective workshop with Buckylab and The Why Factory with the Facade Research Group.

Building Barbapappa workshop

Callum Andrews, Gloria Chen, Maosen Geng, Ching He, Aleksander Jensen, Mark de Klijn, Niek van Laere, Chen Li, Marie d’Oncieu de la Bâtie, Laura Ospina, Guendalina Rocchi, Ansis Sinke, Ugur Sütcü, Fei Wu

Marcel Bilow (Bucklylab)
Ulrich Knaack (Facade Research Group)
Winy Maas, Ulf Hackauf, Adrien Ravon (T?F)

Music: “Save the Planet” and “Night Birds” both by Danubio Rodriguez used under
creative commons license via