T?F collaborates with Droog Design to study arctic living conditions

19 January 2010

Designers from the Netherlands and Canada team up to study arctic living conditions. Project is an initiative by droog design running under the title 'Luxury of the North'.

Project aims to study how extreme cold conditions affect the built environment as well as daily life. Project team is a unique combination of designers working in different scales; from product design to urbanism. The project team will travel to Pond Inlet in Nunavut territory of Canada this coming June to experience, study and learn from the life in the arctic.

“In the face of modernity, the North is losing its remoteness. Global warming is opening up international trade routes, the unique yet changing ecosystem brings scientists, tourists and protectionists, and prospects of natural resources bring the excavators. As humans are showing they can even colonize the North, the world is losing an ‘out there,’ a part of nature that seems stronger than us.”
For more information see droog design.

Project team:
Renny Ramakers, director (Droog)
Tim Antoniuk, partner (University of Alberta)
Winy Maas, leading designer (MVRDV, t?f)
Cynthia Hathaway, leading designer
Christien Meindertsma, designer (Flocks)
Pirjo Haikola, designer (The Why Factory)
Stuart Sproule, designer (Red Flag Design)
Ole Bouman, consulting expert (Netherlands Architecture Institute)
Ed van Hinte, consulting expert
Agata Jaworska, content & project manager (Droog)

Local partner: University of Alberta