Willow House

Growing Architecture

Fall 2013/2014 @ TU Delft
08 November 2013 / 15 November 2013

The Willow House workshop is part of the 3D Nature project. It explores how to use an organic material - willows - to grow architecture.

The final presentations are public. Please join us on Friday, 15 november from 13.00 – 16.00 in the Oostserre, Julianalaan 134, Delft.

The 3d Nature project of T?F aims to get more knowledge of then development and growth of nature on more levels. This to encourage intense oxygen production, cooling, cleaning and biodiversity. The making of nature is part of this operation. It enhances the development of a sustainable 3d technique, that reduces the current vulnerabilities regarding plant life higher up. It ultimately engages the density nature itself, or to use natural techniques to density our cities. This includes elements as self-growing structures, as evolutionary developments.

The Willow House

Of course much can be chosen as a topic for this project. But the given soil condition, as well as the desire to live with and within nature, as well as its quick growth, has lead to the possibility of the willow house.We start by planting 3000 willows rapidly and subsequently make a house.

How to do that?

The aim of the workshop is, to develop a research method that systematically explores the 3 elements above. It leads to an overview of all techniques. It explores the needed scripting. It develops the 3 dimensional modeling and representation. It leads to a series of ‘sexy images’, all with same technique and from same perspective, of designs each testing a variable, or a set of variables. We propose a research workshop that explores systematically the following aspects, based on a house of 66 m2 footprint and probably 7 m high. The size of plot is approximately 300 m2. 22% can be built.

Three approaches are explored:

Living in the forest 
The house(s) that is created from different material and is situated into the forest.

Willow osiers like a structure
Diverse structure made from the willow.

Willow house place for living
The willow house(s) that is built with respect to nature, to surroundings and to used material.


Winy Maas, Tihamer Salij


Denisa Annova


Arslane Benamar, Catherina Lee, Dominik Saitl, Federico Gobbato, Hans Vlaskamp, Jordan Yerbury, Lex te Loo, Marine Manchon, Nadia El Hakim, Nicola Campri, Piet de Reuver, Rob Moors, Robbert Verheij, Roxanne Belot, Ruth Hoogenraad, Samantha Chia, Vincent Marchetto

Guest Critics

Paul Bakker (Municipality Delft, Laws/ Regulations), Gerard Boudewijn (Municipality Delft, Toezichthouder), Laurens Engelbrecht (Municipality Delft, Quality, Team Harnaschpolder, Urbanist), Richard Koek (Landscape Architect, Floriade 2012), Fidan Bulut (Municipality Delft, project Manager Harnaschpolder)


Delft Municipality