‘Green Talk’ with Winy Maas will take place on November 15

15 November 2011

'Green Talk' will take place on November 15 at Perpustakaan Pusat (Central Library), Universitas Indonesia Depok in Djakarta. The event is a part of the 'Green Dream & Visionary Cities' exhibition, which was officially opened last week (November 4). The opening inaugurated Ton van Zeeland (the director of Erasmus Huis), Daliana Suryawinata (curator of the exhibition) and Budi Hardiman (philosopher) was crowdedly attended and very well received.

In the forthcoming ‘Green Talk’ Winy Maas, Ridwan Kamil, Avianti Armand and Imelda Akmal will discuss the state of green in the world today. The debate will be moderated by Daliana Suryawianata (The Why Factory) who will confront the speakers with questions related to the feasibility of green cities and the importance of their performance.

We would like to cordially invite everyone to participate and take active part in this debate. We hope for not only for an intensive discussion between the very special speakers whom we have invited for this event, but also the audience.

If you would like to participate please reserve tickets beforehand by email: sekretariat.iai@gmail.com (Rp 175,000)

NOTE: a ticket for Public Lecture IAI 15-16 November for Rp 500,000 also includes Green Talk. Please contact sekretariat.iai@gmail.com for reservations.

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