T?F new year kicks-off

12 September 2008

After a year of preparation and pilot Master studios T?F starts two new MSc Master graduation studios Robotic City and Death of Leisure City. Prof. Winy Maas introduces the projects for T?F students.

The focus of the Robotic City project is on the influence that robotic devices, automation and developments around artificial intelligence could have on the city and our life in an urban setting. The emotional aspects of our relationship with machines, computers and robots form another important part of the research project.

The other studio investigates leisure. If previously the industry (as production of goods) was a cause for economic development, today leisure is the strongest economic engine of all: in terms of its global turnover, tourism became industry number one. ‘If in the past holidays to far destinations were about ‘exoticness’, now this word has lost its meaning due to globalization, mass traveling and mass tourism’ (W. Maas).