Copy Paste

Fast Architecture using Photoshop

These videos are two examples of the results of the Copy Paste Workshop that show how to use other architect's work to create something new. Quick steps of a "2 minutes architecture" by using just images of an assembled library and putting some Starchitects together in one image to create a monument for an architectural competition.

The Photoshop Tutorials show the development of the Final Image for the “Copy-Paste Workshop” by The Why Factory, TU Delft, March 2011 of two student teams: ‘Fast Architecture’ by Laertis-Antonios Vassiliou, Virginia Siapera, Andreas Ierides used MVRDV, Herzog & De Meuron, Steven Holl and Landscapes, all in one image and with total Photoshop time of 2.5 Hours; ‘Time Link’ created by Lara Tomholt, Niu Nam Leung and Tsz Kwan Law transformed Toyo Ito’s Serpentine Pavilion into a bridge. The workshop was led by Winy Maas, felix Mardazo and Bas Kalmeyer.