The Why Factory: Research, Education and Public Engagement (2006-2016)

19 December 2016

Exhibition at COAM in Madrid (15 Dec 2016 - 30 Jan 2017)

This exhibition shows part of the production of The Why Factory in the last ten years, through models, videos and publications. The chronological journey through the research projects undertaken shows the scope, transcendence and topicality of these visions about the future of the city.

The research projects of The Why Factory are shown on a large table inspired by the workspace of The Why Factory in Delft. This work is related to the cloud of futures suspended from the ceiling of the exhibition hall. All projects, undertaken by the students of The Why Factory and a team of researchers, is an invitation to continue investigating about the city that is going to come. A future full of questions to answer, visionary, green, fantastic, fast, self-sufficient, sober, beautiful, (hi)storical, transparent, biodiverse, intimate, adaptable, free, open, emotional, amazing, natural, wonderful and common.



Curators: Winy Maas, Javier Arpa with Claudia Mainardi

Design: Winy Maas, Javier Arpa, Claudia Mainardi

Production: Claudia Mainardi, Chun Hoi Hui, Giovanni Bellotti, Adrien Ravon

Contractor: Dypsa

Acknowledgements: Ulf Hackauf, Tihamér Salij, Félix Madrazo, Arend van Waart, Amber Leeuwenburgh, Andrea Degenhardt, Patrick Janssen, Irene Visser-Berends, Jan Knikker, Isabel Pagel, John Manaves.



Dean: José María Ezquiaga

Cultural Management: Carmen García Jalón, Jose Alfonso Álamo, Aitana Rodríguez

Communication: Ariadna Cantis, Natalia Sáez