New studios in Delft: 3D Nature and Superkampung

20 November 2013

For our MSc program in Delft, we offer two new studios in spring 2014: an MSc2 studio on 3D Nature and a graduation studio with the title Superkampung revisited. Both studios will build up on earlier projects. The enrollment period for the spring semester will start on 25 November and run until 6 December 2013.

T?F offers several studios per semester. They start with a statement on the futur of urban life. Based on this statement future scenarios will be developed leading to visionary, city-related designs. The studios include highly integrated research and design aspects. Long-term projects will be accompa nied by shorter studies and workshops. The projects can have various scales. However, they all contribute to observations of the city.

MSc2 studio 3D Nature (AR2TWF010)
In the coming spring, The Why Factory will run an MSc2 studio on 3D Nature.
Can we imagine a city that is built with nature instead against it? Can we ‘help’ nature to become urban? And vice versa, our cities to become more natural? Can we create a 3D Nature beyond the green façade? Can we design buildings that produce nature? The studio 3D Nature wants to explore nature as a building tool by studying different ecologies and identifying those natural elements and attributes, with which we can upgrade our cities and buildings and turn them into producers of (new) nature. How to do that? In general the following qualities could be added: more outdoor spaces, more connections, more collective spaces, more natural cooling, more green, more water maintenance, more recreation. All elements that some how make buildings more open, more porous, more productive and more natural. The studio builds up on the findings of the current studio with the same title. It is open for both MSc1 and 2 Architecture students as well as MSc2 Urbanism students.

Actualities Workshop (AR1TWF020)
T?F will also offer a short and intense research and design workshop. The topic will be announced during the first week of the semester. The workshop will take one week  before the midterm reviews in week 1.8.  open as free elective for all students.
Short, intense, surprising, and fun!

Graduation studio Superkampung (AR3TWF030)
For the second year, TWF will open a graduation studio on the topic Superkampung.
Kampungs are the urban villages in Jakarta which still dominate large parts of the urban fabric. Land prices are increasing, while most kampungs are located on the best areas of the city. They are prone to being replaced by another gigantic shopping mall. Is there a way of ‘positive gentrification’ that can elevate the role of kampung in being the place of mixture between different social classes, the rich, medium rich and the poor? Can we imagine an economic model that balances the profit with a certain kind of subsidy to make coexistence possible?
In the Superkampung project, we imagine how to work with the existing kampungs and transform them into an even more mixed, dynamic multi-class urban fabric in Jakarta. The research and design will explore types of spaces, which mediate different statuses and needs.This proposition would like to offer government, planners and communities an alternative to eviction: how to retain a certain characteristic of the kampungs yet with the ability to position themselves within the globalized city.
This studio builds up upon the findings of an earlier studio and workshop, done in collaboration with the Berlage Institute. The results have been published in the Why Factory publication The Vertical Village (NAi publishers 2012). The scope of the previous research can be widened. Other graduation projects related this topic are possible. For questions, please feel free to contact Ulf Hackauf at