Wegocity graduation studio

Tailor made housing over time

2015 / 2016 @ TU Delft
MSc3/4 / AR3TWF030 / AR4TWF010
01 September 2015 / 30 June 2016

Tailor made housing over time

The Wegocity, Graduation studio is a follow-up on the Egocity studio (Fall 2014). Based on the hypothesis that the maximum density could be equal to the maximum of desires, the studio has been exploring the potentials of negotiation in dense contexts. Through the development of multi-user real-time video games, the studio explores participatory design processes through gaming to model the competing desires and egos of each inhabitant in a housing block and designs their apartments in the fairest way possible.

The Wegocity studio explores the future of co-housing and adaptability over time, from second to decade. Architecture should no longer be a frozen moment in time. Fast changing demands in extreme densities require something else than fixation. We want to be personalized! An upgrade of architectures cubical meter [M3] seems to be needed. We introduce TM4: Tailor Made over time, a perfect fit for everyone at any time.


Prof. Winy Maas, Adrien Ravon, Roel van de Pas


Lucile Dugal, Lex te Loo, Chun Hoi Hui, Marek Nosek, Olina Terzi, Niels Baljet

Guest Critics

Ulf Hackauf, Diana Ibáñez