No Stop History

Urgencies Platform

Spring 2009/2010 @ TU Delft
MSc 3/4
01 January 2010 / 18 April 2012

The rediscovering of the city centres in the 1990’s is a combination of the search for alternative living environments, started from young and culturally interested low budget groups. Further pushed through the discussion about sustainability, doubting the efficiency of the sprawl. The attractiveness of the centre requires a transformation from a ‘museum city’ into a living city, meeting contemporary needs of living and working. Finding a stimulating fusion of the old and the new will be the task for the future.

The Ambition of ‘No-Stop History’ is to show possibilities of increasing the performance of the Historic City, without changing the old structures. This project does not claim to be the only or the perfect solution, but to be a Vision of a different future of our Historic Cities. It should provide a basis for further explorations and discussion. Can we increase the performance of the Historic City?


Alexander Sverdlov, Huib Plomp, Felix Madrazo


Jan Twifler

Guest Critics

Winy Maas