Next Beijing

Living and Lifestyle in Future China

Fall 2010/2011 @ TU Delft
MSc 1/2 / AR2TWF010/12
30 August 2010 / 25 January 2011

This studio was initiated to foster international cooperation between China and The Netherlands. It brought together renowned research and design institutions in the fields of fashion, product design, graphic design and architecture in order to enable a cross-cultural exchange on different qualitative as well as quantitative approaches towards research and design methodologies. Participants of this anticipatory research engaged a discussion on the fate of our contemporary cities - their shortenings, fears, advantages, beauties and opportunities.

The challenge of this studio was to explore and identify significant research and design directions within the different fields of knowledge and bring together various interpretations, visions and scales within the context of a future city life.

The studio results were presented at the Design Academy in Eindhoven during a collective final presentation accompanied by a short exhibition.


Prof. Winy Maas, Tihamer Salij, Bas Kalmeyer


Dante Borgo, Romy Krautheim, Steef Pootjes, Marta Relats, Jonathan Telkamp, Renske Maria van Dam, Julie Wolsak

Guest Critics

Dr. Tang Lintao (CAFA), Yolande van Kessels (Design Academy Eindhoven), Mara Skujeniece (Design Academy Eindhoven), Prof. Wang Min (CAFA), Annelys de Vet (Sandberg Institute), Hendrik-­‐Jan Grievink (Sandberg Institute), Prof. Zhao Ping (BIFT), Ass.Prof. You Zou (BIFT), Prof. Pinjing Lv (CAFA), Fan Ling (CAFA)


Dutch DFA, Tsinghua University, Design Academy Eindhoven, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam), Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts