Copy Paste Workshop

The Origin of Species

Fall 2012/2013 @ TU Delft, ENSA-S
MSc 1/2
19 November 2012 / 23 November 2012

The basic premise of the Workshop is based on an intellectual challenge. How can we surpass our current behavior of claiming to be a unique genius, while forms and buildings show otherwise? Could we create an evolutionary tree, as Darwin, from which we can distill the different design- families?

Through a hyperthropic analysis, architecture is brought back to its base geometry. During the workshop, a gene code is explored. With the implementation of a 10-gene string, iterations of different geometries can be rendered, thus showing an almost infinite amount of possible variants.

The workshop questions the importance of originality of shape and offers a proof of concept by defining a scripted grasshopper machine called the Genome Generator to generate these iterations and their geometric representations.


Prof. Winy Maas, Bas Kalmeyer


A.K. Van Gool, X. Guo, T. Starchenko, T.J. Verkerk, Ron Aasholm, K. Allen, Reiner Beelitz, M. Van den Berge, Yi Hui Chua, Erik Dral, Zhou Fu, D. Kolesnikov, Kin Kit Loh, S.K.G.M. Pieters (TU Delft); Jeremie Jamet, Aurelie Guthmann, Amine M’hamed, Ilia Anastassov, Nadia Heredia, Anne Engel, Emy Galliot, Julia Bolle-Reddat, Louise Arlen, Sven Gutleben, Charlie Cognon, Elodie Laurent, Mario Anastasov, Maciej Nachilo, Sylvain Moerman, Marina Kyriakou, Redona Cani, Radu Barota, Olivier Poulat, Jeremie Provost, Cedric Tavoillot (ENSAS)

Guest Critics

Dominique Coulon, Emmanuelle Rombach, Daniel Barbier, Simon Frommenwiller, Sandro Varano


Arend van Waard, Sander Mulders