Copy Paste Workshop

Evolution of Species

Fall 2011/2012 @ TU Delft
MSc 1/2
12 November 2011 / 18 November 2011

Can we imagine a ‘family tree’ of architectural descendants? Can we, as true explorers or scientists, deliver the ‘Origin of the Species’?

This workshop introduced 3d modelling to distinguish different families of ‘species’ in architectural design. It explored the phenomenon of appearance of eerily familiar projects, whose authors claim that they were not related or copied. Who was first? How can we surpass the state of confusion and irritation related to design similarities? Can we, with taking science into account, imagine an approach geared towards the recognition of different ‘meta’ shapes and concepts that exist in the field?

By positioning projects within a range of topics or so to say – fields of research, one could take a specialisation and add depth to what has already been explored. Just like it happens in science. With such an approach, without blaming the ‘copycat’, one can look with a fresh eye and see new benefits of additions to the field, or address the creator with regards to his/her lack of contribution.



Prof. Winy Maas, Bas Kalmeyer, Adrien Ravon


Giovanni Bellotti, Taja Bencina, Joost de Bont, Marina Ferrando, Jeroen de Graaf, Paul van den Hof, Alise Jekabsone, Jayson Johnstone, Jaap de Jong, Valerie Krautzer, Qian LAN, Bill Lee, Albert Mark, Ana Melgarejo, Magdalena Melon, Victor Nyman, Vincent Paar, Athina Papadopoulou, Marcus Parviainen, Alex Parvu, Pedro Pitarch, Mihaela Radescu, Erik Revellé, Marie-lahya Simon, Leo Stuckardt, Calvin Tanikaya, Cyrus Wong, Jan Maarten, J.M.Mulder, K. Ayhan, A.M. Claassen, C. Ye, E. de Bruijn, E. Koudijzer, Falco F.J.J.Naus, I.C.van der Gaag, J. Top, M.F. Setjadiningrat, O.J. Sobels, Peter van Gelder, Q. Chang, S. Taskan