Clean Air City

'Urgencies Platform' Graduation Project by Sjoerd Hoogewerf

Fall 2009/2010 @ TU Delft
01 September 2009 / 06 April 2011

The Clean Air City project looks into air pollution in cities and proposes strategies to improve urban air quality. The research part analyses the current urgencies and mechanisms of air pollution.

A precise analysis links the most important pollutants to their origin and to possible remedies. Derived from this, a catalogue of strategies is developed. This catalogue addresses different scales, from small scale tools to large scale urban planning. A case study in Beijing illustrates how these strategies could work on different scales.

РResearch on current air pollution (health effects, global distribution, economic effects, main causes and molecular ingredients)
РPossible strategies against air pollution (Prevent, Filter, Ventilate, Shift)
– Proposal
– Catalogue of strategies and technologies against air pollution
– Case study Beijing


Ulf Hackauf, Huib Plomp, Winy Maas


Sjoerd Hoogewerf