The Next City, Future Living and Lifestyle

07 October 2010

A special event: lecture and symposium on the Next City, followed by the opening of the exposition The Village Maker.

The Next city, Future Living and Lifestyle

The motive of this joint venture is to foster international cooperation between China and The Netherlands and to bring together renowned research and design institutions in the fields of fashion, product design, graphic design and architecture in order to enable a cross-cultural exchange on the different qualitative as well as quantitative approaches towards research-by-design and design-by-research methodologies.

The Next City – Excursions on Future Living and Lifestyles is an anticipatory research and design studio that makes it possible to link up a distinguished group of institutions, designers and thinkers from differing disciplines in order to fertilise the discussion on the fate of our contemporary cities. This studio provides participants the opportunity to understand and experience research and design methodologies from differing disciplines.


The challenge of this studio is to explore and identify significant research and design directions within fashion, product design, graphic design and architecture, and to bring together different interpretations, visions and scales within the context of future city life. This studio on the one hand aims at investigating the roles the differing design disciplines can play within the context of future urban living and lifestyles. On the other hand it challenges the innovative ability and design capacity of fashion design, product design, graphic design and architecture. What will be the source of inspiration for each designing discipline? What the frame of reference in which each discipline explores its design potential?

Expected Result

The speculative consequences and its projective designs deriving from the different researches, and strategies and mappings that will emerge throughout the endeavor will be presented at the end of the studio in January 2011. What concepts, functions, products, characteristics, styles, designs and symbolic meaning will finally dominate change and brand the future city? Which elements, products and designs will be the driving force for future living and lifestyles?